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Did you know that the Costa Blanca is considered an idyllic location for golf enthusiasts? In this coastal area of Spain, not only the Mediterranean climate and its breath taking landscapes invite you to enjoy the sport, but so does the exceptional quality of its golf courses. So, if you are looking for the perfect place for practicing your swing in the sun, look no further and enjoy playing golf on the Costa Blanca.

However, the Costa Blanca is not only famous for its leisure and sports offer, but also for being a coveted residential destination. Home sales in this region have gained popularity, in part, thanks to their proximity to some of the country’s best golf courses. In fact, an article published on the website of the Generalitat Valenciana government emphasises this emerging combination among golf fans who seek a luxury lifestyle while combining it with an enviable leisure activity.

Consequently, we invite you to continue reading this article by Quadratia, where we delve into the 10 best golf courses on the Costa Blanca. We will explore each course based on the opinions of users and the quality of their facilities.

What could be better? Learn about the golf courses on the Costa Blanca!

How many golf courses has the Costa Blanca got?

According to the sources consulted, the Association of Golf Courses of the Costa Blanca, the Community of Valencia has 24 registered golf courses. These courses are notable not only for their diversity and quality, but also for providing memorable experiences for players of all levels. 

They’re located in picturesque settings, perfectly integrated into the beautiful natural landscape of the region, and offer the perfect balance between sporting challenge and scenic beauty.

Let’s take a quick look at a graphic image extracted from the web portal of the aforementioned association, in which the presence of these golf courses is the Community of Valencia, including those on the Costa Blanca, is shown.

Map of the Valencian Community showing the golf courses of the Costa Blanca and Valencian Community associated with the Costa Blanca Golf Courses Association.
Image taken from the Costa Blanca Golf Courses Association website.

Which province in the Community of Valencia has the most golf courses?

The province of Alicante clearly stands out as having the most golf courses, followed by Valencia and Castellón. And not only that, the city of Alicante is also renowned for its wide range of leisure and outdoor activities. If you’re passionate about golf or about discovering new experiences, don’t hesitate to access this earlier article on what to see or do in Alicante city and province.  

Likewise, this province seduces visitors and residents with its breath taking landscapes and idyllic beaches, creating a perfect setting for enjoying golf and other recreational activities in an exceptional Mediterranean setting.

How many golf courses has Alicante got?

In figures, Alicante stands as a prominent destination for golf fans on the Costa Blanca, with an impressive 15 golf courses registered with the Costa Blanca Golf Course Association. This amount reflects the rich golf culture in the province and its commitment to the development of the sport. 

  • Golf courses on the Costa Blanca in Alicante: 
    • Jávea Golf Club
    • Club de Golf Ifach
    • Altea Club de Golf
    • Meliá Villaitana
    • Puig Campana Golf
    • Bonalba Golf Resort
    • Alenda Golf
    • Font del Llop
    • La Finca Golf
    • La Marquesa Golf
    • Las Ramblas Golf
    • Lo Romero Golf
    • R.C.G. Campoamor
    • Villamartín Golf
    • Vistabella Golf

How many golf courses has Valencia got? And Castellón?

By comparison, Valencia boasts seven courses, and Castellón complements the region’s offer with two courses, offering options for both residents and visitors looking to enjoy this sport in the Community of Valencia.

  • Golf courses in Valencia registered with the Costa Blanca Golf Course Association:
    • Oliva Nova Golf
    • La Galiana Golf
    • El Saler
    • Foressos Golf
    • Club de Golf El Bosque
    • R.C.G. Manises
    • Club de Golf Scorpión
  • Golf courses in Valencia registered with the Costa Blanca Golf Course Association:
    • Golf Costa Azahar
    • Mediterráneo Golf

Top 10 best golf courses on the Costa Blanca

Image of golfer putting the golf ball into the hole with a sunset landscape.

Have you already chosen the golf clubs youre going to use? Get ready, because at Quadratia we’re grabbing the buggy and starting our route through the 10 best golf courses on the Costa Blanca

Keep in mind that these have been selected based on user reviews in terms of the quality of the facilities and the surrounding environment. So, it’s possible that some of them are not part of the list mentioned above. 

Are you ready? Hole in one!

1. Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

First of all, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is an outstanding golf course located in the south of Alicante, more specifically in Orihuela, known for its 18-hole par 71 championship course. Spread over 5,000 square metres, this club was designed by golf legend Miguel Ángel Jiménez.

This masterpiece by Jiménez transforms the course into a world-class venue for golf enthusiasts, attracting both amateur and professional players and being a prestigious setting for professional tournaments.

In addition, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club has a golf academy, offering lessons and practice for players of all levels. The driving range, together with the putting green and the approaches, provides a perfect setting for improving playing and technical skills. 

This club not only attracts golfers with it its excellent course, but also because of its well-equipped training facilities and exclusive atmosphere.

2. Font del Llop Golf Resort

The Font del Llop Golf Resort, located near Alicante in the neighbouring village of Monforte del Cid, is a distinctive 18-hole par 72 golf course featuring an American design with Scottish moulding.

This course was designed by Blake Stirling and Marco Martín, who created a challenging and attractive course for players of all levels. Each of the 18 holes has five tees, giving players a variety of options and approaches for each hole. Professional tournaments are also held at this facility. 

In addition, Font del Llop offers an exceptional practice area equipped with 12 mats. This area includes an approach area with a bunker and a large putting area, ideal for golfers to fine-tune their accuracy and improve their game. 

This combination of quality design, practice facilities and stunning natural surroundings makes the Font del Llop Golf Resort an exceptional destination for golf lovers on the Costa Blanca.

3. Club de Golf Jávea

Next, the Jávea Golf Club, located about 100 kilometres from Alicante in the direction of Valencia (town of Jávea) is a one-of-a-kind golf course. Although it officially has nine holes, its design allows you to play a second round or the last nine holes from different tees, which makes it a practically 18-hole course. The 3rd/12th and 4th/13th greens are especially large, allowing for two different flag positions for each hole, adding variety and challenge to the game.

Designed by Francisco Moreno, the course was opened in 1981 and has been a reference point for golf on the Costa Blanca ever since. The Jávea Golf Club also houses a golf academy, where players of all levels can improve their skills, and is home to professional competitions, which demonstrates its quality and prestige.

In addition, the club has a 250-metre driving range with 14 positions, 10 of which are covered. For putting, there are two greens available. Club members also have access to a chipping, pitching and practice bunker area, located next to the driving range, to perfect all facets of their game.

4. Villamartín Golf 

Villamartín Golf, located in Villamartín (Alicante), is an outstanding 18-hole par 72 golf course. In fact, the greens of Villamartín are internationally renowned. An example of this is the 17th hole, a challenging par 3 that requires players to overcome a dense and wooded ravine to reach a wide two-level green. Practically nothing!

It opened in 1972 and was designed by renowned architect Robert Dean Puttman. With a rich history, it is recognised worldwide for having hosted a trial of the European circuit in 1997. Legendary figures in international golf such as Severiano Ballesteros, José María Olazabal, Ian Woosnan and Sam Torrance have played on this prestigious golf course on the Costa Blanca.

This course is also renowned for its golf academy, where classes and training are offered for players of all levels. In addition, Villamartín Golf is home to numerous professional tournaments, establishing itself as one of the best courses in the Community of Valencia and one of the oldest and most respected courses in the region.

5. Alicante Golf (Playa de San Juan)

In a stunning locating next to the beach of San Juan, Alicante, Alicante Golf is just five minutes from the city centre. This 18-hole course was designed by golf legend Severiano Ballesteros, offering an attractive challenge for golfers of all levels.

Alicante Golf has hosted major professional tournaments such as the Levante Cup in 2001, the APG Spanish Championship in 2002 and 2003, and the Peugeot Tour de España Grand Final in 2004. Pepín Rivero also set an impressive record in this course with 62 strokes during the APG Spanish Championship in 2003.

In addition, the course has a golf school, which offers lessons and training to players looking to improve their technique and skills in the game.

6. Bonalba Golf Resort

Following the route, the Bonalba Golf Resort located in the municipality of Mutxamiel in Alicante, just two km from the beach of San Juan, is another of the outstanding golf courses on the Costa Blanca. This 18-hole golf course was designed by Ramón Espinosa, presenting an attractive and challenging layout for golfers.

Its broad fairways, covered with Bermuda grass, and complemented by winter replantings of Rye-Grass, characterise the course. The course features greens planted with PenCross Grass and SeaSide antegreens, optimally adapted to the area’s weather conditions. It boasts five large lakes that affect seven of its holes, and a large number of strategically located bunkers that challenge players to make tactical decisions from the tee. 

The Bonalba Golf Resort also has a golf school, offering private lessons and seniorcompetitions, which makes it a complete destination for golfers of all levels.

7. Villaitana Golf

A particular case is that of Villaitana Golf, located in one of the most tourist-friendly cities on the Levante coast, Benidorm (Alicante). It is home to two golf courses designed by Nicklaus Design and is located within the Melià Hotel complex. Both courses, with tees, fairways, and rough, feature the Princess Bermuda grass variety (Cynodon dactylon), ensuring optimal gameplay for all skill levels.

  • Poniente Course: par 62 with 18 holes and a length of 3,858 metres. It integrates into a picturesque Mediterranean pine valley, offering sea and mountain views. It includes par threes and par fours and players can cover it in about three and a half hours.
  • It requires skill in the use of short irons and presents a particular challenge for players with low handicaps, although it is also accessible for players with medium and high handicaps.
  • Levante Course: par 72 with 18 holes and more than 6,576 metres long. American-style design, with wide fairways and exquisitely shaped greens. It offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra de Finestrat.

Villaitana Golf is one of the best golf courses on the Costa Blanca. Do you dare to pay it a visit?

8. Altea Club de Golf

Another particular case is that of Altea Club de Golf. Located near Altea la Vieja in the foothills of Sierra de Bernia, just 15 minutes from Benidorm and Calpe, it’s an outstanding golf course on the Costa Blanca. This par 72 course offers the flexibility for players to play both nine and 18 holes and members manage it. Although it’s open to visitors, availability may vary.

In addition, the Altea Golf Club has a golf academy or school, offering learning and improvement opportunities for golfers of all levels. It’s also home to senior competitions, providing a competitive environment in the area. 

However, to ensure the quality and care of the course, it will always require that players (whether members or external visitors):

  • Replace the divots on the fairways to maintain the integrity of the lawn.
  • Rake the bunkers after use, leaving the rakes carefully inside them.
  • Repair the spike marks on the greens, contributing to a smooth and fair playing surface.

9. La Marquesa Golf

Nearing the end of the trip, the Marquesa Golf, located in Rojales, Alicante, is an outstanding golf course offering 18 ‘renowned’ holes. Among these, the 17th hole, Sawgrass, is especially remarkable. The “jewel in the crown” of the course considers this hole, providing a unique and challenging playing experience, where the tee clearly reveals the reason for its fame and name: a hole located in the middle of a floating island.

The Marquesa Golf has a golf school for learning and improving skills, suitable for players of all levels. The club also organises senior golf tournaments, providing a platform for high-level competitions and encouraging participation in this sport among the most experienced players.

10. Club de Golf Ifach

Lastly, the Ifach Golf Club is located between three important urban centres on the Costa Blanca: Benissa, Teulada – Moraira and Calpe. This club offers spectacular views of the iconic Peñón de Ifach, a landmark in the region.

Designed by the prestigious Spanish designer Javier Arana, the course consists of nine holes, six par threes, and three par fours, providing a short but intense course. A full nine-hole round takes about an hour and a half, while 18 holes take about three hours.

The predominant grass on the field is the Bermuda variety, which adapts perfectly to the climate of the region and guarantees excellent gameplay. The majority of the holes at the Ifach Golf Club feature wide greens, protected by strategically located bunkers. 

The trees surround many of the holes, and, together with the constant sea breeze, they make golfing on this course a pleasant experience, especially in summer. The course design is particularly demanding for players with low handicaps.

Sales of homes on the Costa Blanca

In conclusion, at Quadratia we understand that an ideal home is the one that aligns with your dreams and expectations. For this reason, we have selected a series of newly built homes located in the best coastal areas of the Costa Blanca. With our help, you will find that paradisiacal place close to the best golf courses on the Costa Blanca that you so desire and with the possibility of enjoying the gastronomy of Alicante, one of the best in the world.

Explore other interesting options such as the Costa del Sol or the Costa Cálida and discover the best cities to live in Spain.

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