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Do you want to know what makes the gastronomy of the Region of Murcia so special? This coastal area of Spain, privileged by its warm climate and fertile soils, offers a rich variety of flavours influenced by Moorish, Christian and Jewish cultures, which have been passed down from generation to generation. Renowned for its abundant use of fresh garden vegetables, as well as meat and fish, Murcia’ s gastronomy promises a sensory journey that will delight anyone who ventures into its cookery.

In particular, and along the vibrant Costa Cálida, municipalities such as Águilas stand out whose restaurants have been distinguished with Soles Repsol, a symbol of culinary excellence. These awards not only honour innovation and high quality cuisine, but also reflect the Region of Murcia’s commitment to the evolution of its gastronomic offer, masterfully combining traditional and modern techniques to create dishes that delight both the taste as well as the eye.

So, if your interest in exploring the mysteries of Murcia’s gastronomy has brought you this far, we encourage you to keep reading this Quadratia article. Explore the authentic flavours of Murcia through its most representative dishes, from “Zarangollo” and “Michirones” to the sweet Paparajotes.

Fall in love with the flavours of Murcia!

What is the typical food of Murcia? A gastronomic journey along the Costa Cálida from the garden to the table

Murcia stands out as a true oasis of well-being and exquisite beauty. With its mild climate, the Costa Cálida offers an exceptional quality of life that is a reason to envy: more than 300 days of sunshine a year and natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty. 

Among these landscapes, Isla del Fraile stands out as a natural jewel, a small islet located off the coast of Águilas. This place not only offers impressive biodiversity and beautiful scenery, but also symbolizes the perfect harmony between nature and culture that defines Murcia, making it an incomparable destination to live and explore.

As a fundamental pillar, Murcia’s gastronomy is a celebration of this intimate connection with the land and the sea, combining everything from fresh crops from Murcia’s fertile lands to fish taken from the coast of the Mar Menor. In Murcia, gastronomy is not just food; it is an expression of identity, tradition and joie de vivre. 

Below, we will explore in detail this gastronomic richness, which manifests itself in a variety of preparations that capture the very essence of the region. 

Enjoy these 10 traditional dishes from the Region of Murcia!

Zarangollo, the dish par excellence of the gastronomy of Murcia region

Zarangollo, the dish par excellence of the gastronomy of the Region of Murcia.

Firstly, Zarangollo is an emblem of Murcia’s gastronomy, a dish that embodies the spirit of Murcian cuisine through its simplicity, flavour and cultural roots.

This vegetarian stir-fry, made primarily with courgettes, onions and potatoes, reflects Murcia’s deep connection with its fertile land and the tradition of making the most out of the seasonal crops it has to offer. The preparation of zarangollo is an act of love for simplicity and patience, where each ingredient is slow-cooked to emphasise its natural flavour.

Enjoying zarangollo in a typical environment is to immerse oneself in the authentic Murcian atmosphere. This dish occupies a special place at the heart of many family tables, and is often prepared at gatherings and festivities. Beyond the domestic sphere, it is also a star in bars and restaurants in the region, where it is served as part of the “Menu del día” (today’s special) or as a “tapa” (bar snack) and accompanied by bread so as not to miss a pinch of its essence. 

What are you waiting for to taste it?

Mar Menor Cauldron

Mar Menor Cauldron.

Likewise, the Mar Menor Cauldron is perhaps the most renowned stew dish in the gastronomy of the Region of Murcia, taking those who taste it in a sensory journey through the Costa Cálida.

This broth rice is notable for its use of local rock fish, which adds an intense and distinctive flavour to the dish. The aioli (garlic and oil dressing), traditionally served on the side, adds an extra layer of flavour, creating a perfect balance between the robust taste of the fish stock and the mildness of the garlic.

The restaurants and “chiringuitos” (beach bar) along the beaches of the Mar Menor are the typical places to taste this dish, where you can enjoy this “caldero” in its most authentic form, masterfully cooked and served in an atmosphere that highlights the beauty of the maritime surroundings.. 

A dish tailor-made for lovers of the sea.



Undoubtedly, “Michirones” is a dish deeply rooted in the traditions and day-to-day farming in the Region of Murcia. This stew, whose purpose was to comfort the body and spirit after a hard day at work, was born out of the need to make the most out of the resources available in the Murcian larder (farm produce and cold meats).

The preparation of Michirones is based on a robust stew of dried broad beans that are slowly cooked in a broth flavoured with ham, chorizo and bay leaves. The result is an ideal food to fight the cold and bring people together around the table.

In the gastronomy of Murcia, you can easily find Michirones, especially in bars and restaurants where they serve the dish generously as a warm hug on the coolest days of the year. The local markets and fairs, with their vibrant atmosphere, also offer a unique chance to enjoy Michirones in their most authentic version.

Tip or advice: is a hearty dish, so we recommend trying it at midday and with a light afternoon forecast and without much physical movement.

Murcian meat pie

Murcian meat pie.

Murcian Meat Pie is the snack par excellence in the gastronomy of the Region of Murcia. In fact, this dish has a rich history documented in art and literature: it appears in 17th century paintings by Murillo, showing its deep-rootedness and tradition since ancient times. Furthermore, texts from 1965 make reference to this delicacy, underlining its long presence in Murcian culture – truly impressive!

This emblematic pie is characterised by its rich and elaborate composition: an outer layer of shortcrust pastry or puff pastry that hides inside a generous filling of minced meat, chorizo, and hard-boiled egg, often enriched with spices that give it a distinctive and deep flavour. Locals often say: “a good meat pie has to pop when you bite into it, it has to sound”.

If you want to enjoy the authentic Murcian Meat Pie, the best thing you can do is to visit the region’s traditional bakeries and pastry shops. These shops, many having a long history and deep roots in the community, specialize in preparing this delicacy, using recipes passed down from generation to generation.

An appetiser with history!

Bomba rice from Calasparra with rabbit and snails: a national exponent of the gastronomy of Murcia

Arroz bomba de Calasparra with rabbit and snails: a national exponent of Murcia's gastronomy.

If there is one element that the gastronomy of the Region of Murcia is particularly proud of, it is undoubtedly its Calasparra bomba rice. This exceptional grain is famous for its impressive capability to absorb flavours while retaining an unmatched texture, an achievement that is due to the exclusive climatic and irrigation conditions of its growing area in Murcia. 

Therefore, this kind of rice transcends its role as a mere ingredient to become the soul of a variety of emblematic dishes, and among them, “Arroz bomba de Calasparra con conejo y caracoles” (Calasparra rice bomb with rabbit and snails). This distinguished dish blends bomba rice with the subtlety of rabbit meat and the distinctive touch of snails, all wrapped in the fragrant embrace of rosemary. The combination results in a perfect balance of tastes and flavours of Murcian cuisine.

Restaurants in the region, especially those located in rural areas or near Calasparra, offer this dish as one of their specialities, providing the opportunity to enjoy it in its most authentic context. However, during the “Bando de la Huerta” festivities and at family gatherings, Bomba rice from Calasparra with rabbit and snails takes center stage, serving as a symbol of hospitality and celebration of Murcian identity.

If you enjoy a good rice dish accompanied by a glass of wine, this is the dish for you!


Marinera, Russian salad with anchovies.

The Marinera is an iconic appetizer from the Mar Menor coast of Murcia that has conquered palates far beyond its regional borders, spreading throughout Spain as a synonym of culinary tradition. 

This dish from the gastronomy of Murcia is a perfect combination of textures and flavours: a crunchy doughnut base (rosquilleta), crowned with a generous portion of Spanish potatoe salad and topped with a salted anchovy that adds the definitive salty and marine touch.

In Murcia, going out and enjoying a Marinera is a typical experience in bars and terraces, especially as an accompaniment to a cold drink on sunny days. 

You will not disappoint!

Ensalada Murciana or Mojete Murciano: star dish of the gastronomy of Murcia in summertime

7. Ensalada Murciana or Mojete Murciano: the star dish of gastronomy of Murcia in summer.

Ensalada Murciana is another of those dishes that has transcended the Region of Murcia as it is a refreshing and nutritious dish that is perfect for hot summer days.

The preparation of Ensalada Murciana is simple, allowing each ingredient to shine on its own. The tomatoes, preferably of local varieties and just ripe, provide the juicy, sweet base; the hard-boiled egg, olives and tuna add texture and depth of flavour, while the extra virgin olive oil and a touch of vinegar balance the whole with their characteristic aroma and acidity.

Although Mojete Murciano has spread and adopted local variations, you should not miss it in Murcia. Terraces and restaurants in Murcia list it as a must on their menus, and families prepare it at home as the perfect starter for family meals, gatherings with friends, or just as a delicious light lunch.

Grab a piece of bread and get ready to enjoy this delicacy!

Murcian Baked in the Oven Octopus

Murcian octopus baked in the oven.

Murcian Baked Octopus is a dish which, although it is not as well known outside its borders as other dishes from Murcia, is deeply rooted in the culinary tradition of the region in the coastal areas of the Costa Cálida.

Slowly cooked in the oven with a mixture of spices, aromatic herbs, and often served with a potato base, the octopus acquires a tender texture on the inside and crispy on the outside, making a delicious contrast in every bite.

In Murcia, traditional restaurants and taverns especially enjoy serving Baked Octopus in the Oven as a portion to share. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a culinary journey that awakens all your senses, Murcian Baked Octopus not only promises to satisfy your appetite, but also to connect your soul to the maritime heart of Murcia.

Murcian “Pisto” (fried mixed vegetables)

Murcian ratatouille.

Similarly, Pisto Murciano, with its palette of bright colours and intense flavours, stands as another authentic representation of the rich Murcian vegetable garden. It is a worthy tribute to the flavours of the Mediterranean in the gastronomy of the Region of Murcia.

Indeed, this vegetable stew is a celebration of the abundance and variety of fresh produce offered by the fertile Murcian soil. Composed mainly of tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, and onions, all of them slowly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and often accompanied by fried egg or even bits of cured ham.

Fancy giving it a try? Any bar, restaurant or tasca in Murcia will be happy to serve it to you.

Paparajotes: the typical dessert of the gastromy of Murcia

Paparajotes: the typical dessert of the gastronomy of Murcia.

Finally, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to talk about the most popular dessert in Murcia, Paparajotes. This dessert is prepared using lemon tree leaves, which are dipped in a batter made of flour, milk, egg and a touch of lemon zest, all fried in hot oil and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

The lemon leaf distinguishes this dessert; though not eaten, it imparts a subtle citrus aroma to the dough, creating an unmistakably fresh and light flavor.

People mainly eat Paparajotes during spring and summer, and they are easily available at fairs, patron saint festivals, and in some traditional restaurants and pastry shops of the region.

Without a doubt, they are a wonderful finishing touch to an authentic Murcian meal.

Sale of properties in Murcia

All in all, Murcia’s gastronomic diversity, together with its picturesque beaches and warm climate, make this region an ideal place for those looking for a new home or those who want to lay the foundations for their new life’s retreat.

Newly built properties on the Costa Cálida, located in the most sought-after areas of the Mar Menor coastline, offer residents the opportunity to enjoy a rich culinary selection just a stone’s throw from their homes.

However, if Murcia doesn’t completely satisfy your needs, Spain has other equally good options for settling down, located on the Costa Blanca or the Costa del Sol.

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